Now that you’ve watched the video, print one out for yourself! You’ll need three sheets of paper and a pair of scissors. Once you have the “base layer” just line up the “left” and “right” panels, as explained in the video, and you’re on you way to witnessing a truely impossible optical illusion!

The Secret:

“The Appearing Rockstar” is a re-imagining of a classic optical puzzle called “The Vanishing Leprechaun”. In the “Rockstar” version, the sequences happens in reverse, as an additional rockstar appears, instead of vanishing like the original “leprechaun” version. First popularized in the 1960’s, the original puzzle was drawn by illustrator Pat Lyons and sold in magic and novelty shops. Many variations followed through the years, all using a complex principle where each figure gives up a small piece of themselves to add up to one additional figure! Even though I understand the principle… I still can’t quite figure it out! Can you…?